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“David Novak's telling of Gilgamesh at the Provincetown Playhouse yesterday was a gorgeous combination of storytelling, theatre and sharing of thoughts about the nature of human existence woven together with the ease of a master performer.”
—Regina Ress, Provincetown Playhouse, NY
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From humorous to thought-provoking ...
Entertainer, story performer and educator David Novak will spark your senses with original wit and rhyme. His command of the spoken word is both physical yet as subtle as spring rain. 
From team-building for the business professional, to a fully packed auditorium, or an intimate gathering, David is at ease on and off stage making everyone feel equally at home.  He'll get the message across in an engaging and entertaining way. 
No need to tell people to turn off their cell phones because no one would dare miss a word of his intriguing performance.

“David Novak is a gifted teller who enhances his stories with a bag of tricks.” 

–– Smithsonian Magazine

Whether you are  looking for a Key Note speaker, enriching entertainment, or team-building,
A Telling Experience
can meet you at your core story.

“The first experience with David was so positive and the results so impressive that Biltmore has since hired him for two more multi-day training programs.”
–– Ellen Rickman, Director of Museum and Guest Services at The Biltmore Company

Circle of Excellence

David can help you get to the heart of your story and understand how it is expressed throughout your project.

“David Novak is an on-stage wizard, spinning his tales with wild creativity, intelligence, and wit.”  
–– Rapid River Magazine

Clients: Sydney International Storytelling Conference, Electric Universe Conference, The Disney Institute, The National Storytelling Network, The National Storytelling Festival, The Biltmore Estate, Walt Disney Imagineering, UNC-Asheville, The Mountain Retreat & Learning Centers, John C. Campbell Folk School, and A+ Schools.

"David Novak is an intelligent, intelligent man and a talented storyteller."
–– Durgah Devi Palanisamy. Sydney International Storytelling Conference

Listen to David's recent Keynote Address for the Sydney International Storytelling Conference.

 "David Novak speaks words of wisdom through the spoken word if your not listening closely or just distracted by his talent! You miss it! Incredibly inspiring."
–– Nicole Migotto-Brown, Sydney International Storytelling Conference

In 2010 Antler Hill Village opened at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. David was invited to coach hosts on their stories and presentation skills

Hi everyone -
I just wanted to make sure I said "thank you" for the wonderful training experience. It was so much more than training! I think we learned a lot about ourselves and each other as we created our stories. Thank you for bringing David in, because he is truly a treasure - I think we may have sensed how to create a story before, but he gave us a form and perspective that helped immensely! I know this week has changed how I think about stories - no matter where I am!

Thank you so much!
Jennifer, Host, Biltmore Estate

David was one of a select group of storytellers invited to participate in a special retreat for the sponsors of Breast Cancer Awareness Month at The Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Attendees were divided into focus groups, with a storyteller assigned to each. At the end of the retreat, each group reported on their issue and each storyteller offered a related performance. David's group was concerned about proliferation of misinformation on the internet and the persistence of such myths as the notion that deodorant causes breast cancer.
David performing at Disney Institute:

David speaks to sponsors of Breast Cancer Awareness Month at The Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida.