David Novak

A Telling Experience
"Finding ourselves together telling stories"



I love the opportunity to be the Master of Ceremonies, it is a chance to learn about so many things. Whatever the nature of your conference, I will be involved not merely as a scripted speaker, but as inter-locuter, connecting the dots, bringing together the entire event and keeping it on task, and on time.

“David Novak is an on-stage wizard, spinning his tales with wild creativity, intelligence, and wit.”  
  –– Rapid River Magazine.

David was a hit as Master of Ceremonies & presenter for EU2014, the Electric Universe Conference in Albuquerque, NM.

"David Novak was unknown to me before this conference. His presence, stories and contributions have me smiling and speechless. I look forward to learning more about and from him. We of the consciousness illuminating the electric universe facts and theories are grateful for his voice."
–– Cristo Berardi
Here is one of his presentations: