David Novak

A Telling Experience
"Finding ourselves together telling stories"


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Values Clarification • Team BuildingCreative Communication
The Storytellers' Compass

Sharing memories, participants "play" hexagonal cards representing their stories.

As the conversation evolves, the cards form unique patterns.

Stories reveal relationships and inherent values.

Participants leave with many stories and new insights.

Storytellers' Compass description

conversation and communityconversation and community


The Storytellers' Compass helps Disney Imagineers, High School Educators, Community Organizers, Health Care Professionals, Writers, Actors, and Storytellers.

At The Disney Institute The Storytellers' Compass was used for family stories and Disney Imagineering.

In Los Angeles, with Adlerian Psychoanalyst, Joshua Gross, The Storytellers' Compass was used to explore both the artistic process and opportunities for personal growth.

The Storytellers' Compass has also been presented at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, The National Storytelling Conference, The Biltmore Estate, University of North Carolina-Asheville, Florida Story Camp, Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, and John C. Campbell Folk School.