David Novak
    ––    Storyteller
Remarkable    •    Irresistible    •    Versatile    •    Wacky

Storytelling Circle of Excellence
"In him, The Brothers Grimm and Carl Jung meet Monty Python."  –– Houston Storytelling Festival



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A Telling Experience

The Circle of Excellence is presented to artists who are recognized by their peers to be master storytellers who set the standards for excellence and have demonstrated, over a significant period of time, a commitment and dedication to the art of storytelling.

Circle of Excellence

"He tells his stories with great physical awareness, a real sense of suspense, humor, and integrity. His range, personality, warmth, truthfulness, imagination, ability to transform, taste, all combined, make him a unique artist."
Lincoln Center Institute

Pyramus & Sandy

"Novak, a gifted teller who regularly performs at festivals around the country, enhances his stories with a bag of tricks.  His fluid voice can become a dozen different characters.  He sometimes takes out a looped string and turns cat's cradle tangles into antlers, beards and other costumes for his protagonists."

Smithsonian Magazine

"In him, The Brothers Grimm and Carl Jung meet Monty Python."

Houston Storytelling Festival

"David Novak is the most eclectic storyteller on the scene today. Just when you think you've got him pegged, he surprises you with complete originality and insight. His retelling of Cinderella in iambic pentameter goes a long way towards 'reviving Ophelia'. His tale of Sterling, the salt shaker that falls in love with the sugar bowl, surpasses Anderson. Whatever the occasion, he always knows the right tale to tell. "To Tell," Novak says, "means To Discern. Choosing the right story at the right time for the right reason, is the real art of the storyteller." Judging from his choices, he is a true storytelling artist."
                         Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

National Storytelling Network

NC Arts Council

The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center